Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Banner Help

My daughter is working on my banner for my web site.
I want to use 3-5 pictures of my own art in the banner.
Maybe some of the ones posted here.

What I need is some kind of 'frame' to put them in.
A 'frame' around them.
all I have been able to find so far are banners already done.

Anyone know where I would look for just some scrollies,
or something simple to use?
She just wants an HTML code for it,
then she will put my pics in it.
Know what I mean??
Hoping for free, but can pay a bit.


barbara jean

PS My web banner will also become the banner for my blogs
All will be the dame, except for links to other blogs,
tutorials etc.


Sabine/Dino-Bären said...

Hello Barbara,
in my photo programm are different frames to use. If you want to use something from these you can mail me.

Hugs Sabine

Sabine/Dino-Bären said...

Oh no, I can´t do it in HTML I have only the frames, sorry I just read it now! :O(


~Tonja~ said...

Hi Barbara Jean...I would go to Karen's site here
and find one you like and download it and add your pics inside it and then upload it to photobucket and then get the code for it to use for your header....I have done it before
she has some really neat stuff on her site and they are free...
Have a Blessed day

Tete said...

Try picnik. It's free and has frames once she gets it all put together. I have used it several times for mine.
Hugs- Tete
PS- if she is still having trouble I can do one for you- just let me know.

Anonymous said...

Barb, I love the coffee mill!!!

kpaints said...

Such beautiful creations, my fav is Live Your life...beautiful!
Sorry I can't help with the banner.

Rebecca said...

Your banner will be so cool, I love the artwork you have chosen. I am not good at the workings of the websites. Karen did my frames
Hope you are having a wonderful SUnday