Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Trinkets & Playing with my Camera

Here are a couple of trinkets I found some time ago.
I may have even posted about them already.
But, I am playing with my camera at high settings so
I can see what difference it makes in the photos on here.
The one above is from a Portland Oregon company.
(we are in Eugene about 2 hours away.)

The front says 'thew Lorain cranes-shovels, draglines'...
On the back (sideways again)
P.L. Crooks & Co.
then the address.
It came on a little black short strap.
Hoping someone in Portland can tell me about it.
This little trinket says
University of Idaho Judging Team.
on the back
Dairy Cattle
Joe Heward
Judging Awards Season

I could not find much on the net about this one either.

I just think it is fun to find out about things.
People often ask me at the store if there is a story about things.
If I do not know it I tell them so, and also say,
"But I can make one up if you'd like".
At which point I begin some tall tale and leave them all laughing.

Either way, it makes the piece special and we all had fun.

Have a fun Thursday.

barbara jean

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