Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun Finds Friday

An old "new" tea pot, or a new "old" tea pot?
Believe it or not, this is a fairly new tea pot.
Isn't it neat how they make them look old?

Here is a fun find.
Nine old metal drawer knobs.
I bagged them up for the store.
All 9 for $6.00!
I had fun going through my box of old hinges today.
Anyone else love old painty hinges like I do?

In the picutre below, I thought those little metal squares
with holes in them would be good pieces for on my art.
Maybe I can figure out how to engrave words in them.

And here are some odd pieces.
See the springs above?
On each end there is a metal plate (below)
with the words :Slip Seal Cinch".
Anyone know what they are for?
There is one of these at each end of the spring,
and those parts sticking up are pieces that
curve around and have sharp points on them.

Have no clue what I will use them for, but
thought they were cool and different.
That combination always ends up meaning
they are coming home with me. =)

Hope you all have a great weekend.


barbara jean


Betsy said...

You have some really interesting pieces here. I love old hinges, especially the real small ones with chippy paint. Great finds!

Tara said...

you find the best stuff and cheap! i need to start shopping where you are:)

Grace said...

Barb, your "finds" are always so interesting. I'd probably walk right past most of them at a sale, but you are so talented in displaying them that it makes me want to drive to the store and buy them all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Girl, you just find the best stuff!
Hugs, Diane