Monday, February 7, 2011

Time for More Treasures

Yep. More watch treasures!
I have been hitting the jackpot lately.
Love the perfectly aged pocket watch above.
Does it work? No. Do I still love it? YES!!

Here are a few more pocket watch faces.
Oh, and an old tape measure. See it there?

Love this one with the pieces out of it.
Such a great color.

And look at the huge numbers on this one!
Cannot decide on a fave out of this bunch.
How about you?

And here are the other little kitchen things I got
where I got the cute little sand shovel from precious post.
The grater is different from any of the others I have seen.
I'm thinking bird nest here. =)
Enamel cups, and S & P shakers are always a good find,
and look at that super tarnished, perfectly worn match holder.
You know me and tarnish!

Thanks for coming by

blessings on your day.

barbara jean


Linda said...

Great finds.....I love the salt and pepper shakers.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Barbara Jean ~
You have found some awesome things!!!
I am dying to go treasure hunting soooo much~
Spring hurry hurry !


Betsy said...

Oh, love it all. I think the salt and pepper shakers are my favorite with those wonderful red tops. I'm staying real busy with my new supply of faces. Hugs.

kpaints said...

Sure love to follow you around....great catch!

Station 521 said...

Are all the pocket watch faces gone? Let me know, I really am coming by on Thursday evening!