Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blog List Back, and ETSY Changes, Phooey! MY BOOBOO

Remember my post about losing my blog list?
It seems to be back.
The more blogs I quit following, the longer my list stayed.

Too sad about blogs I had to quit following,
but, at least it is back.
Thanks to all who tried to help,
and shared my frustration.

ETSY Changes. Phooey.
my booboo
must have hit a button like Vicki said.
now logged on and is back to normal setting.
sorry ETSY!

barbara jean


Dorthe said...

Hi dear Barbara Jean,
I have had the followers problem as well, -but suddenly now,I can follow- I`m sure -many more that 300???? I don`t eighter understand all this :)
Have a beautifull day, dear- and thankyou for your sweet visit.

sissie said...

Good Morning Barbara Jean,
I'm glad that you got your list back. Blogger and etsy make changes without warning and they aren't always for the best. I like things the way they are.

Oh well, such is life in the virtual high tech world! LOL!


Kathy Martin said...

Hi! What a wonderful blog and projects you have! I found you because you left a comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Vicki said...

Silly question but are you sure on Etsy you didn't change your view from gallery to list? There is a little gray button on the page.

kpaints said...

My etsy isn't like that....maybe Vicki is right. There are a bunch of new changes but so far I like them.
Love your 'remember' sign.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I have had that happen too! The first couple of times my list disappeared I almost freaked out! Now, it just does it every once and awhile and then it miraculously reappears!

Go figure!

Glad your all back to normal!

Lou Cinda

Tina said...

Glad your list is back, Barbara Jean. I know it was so frustrating for you. Just remember, everyone, there is a difference between Following and Subscribing to blogs. You can Subscribe to as many blogs as you want. No limit at all. But you can only Follow 300 via Google Friend Connect. That's always been their rule and it's basically a way to prevent people from spamming the GFC widgets.