Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What makes these things so pricey?

I bought a big of 'goodies' at a sale.
In the bag were these items.
Now, I admit I do not know much about antiques,
but I'm slowly learning since I have the store.
What I do not understand is how any of these things
can be worth what is priced on them.

See the compasses in the top picture?

Now look at the prices!
That one compass in the back has $30 on it!!!
My word, is it made of gold???

And in the top picture, do you see that red piece with the car on it?
And that silver square with the design on it?
They must really be special.
I'm thinking that pin must be real silver for that price.

or this little metal piece.
maybe off a car??

This punch for a milk can is rather unusual.
And look at this.
It is an opener from the Fulton Park Dairy
in Hillsdale Oregon.

And look at how ornate the back is? Love it.

And here is a sweet sewing accessory.
Inside the little 'vial' is a place for needles.
The inside holds little rolls of thread,
and the thimble fits on top.
$9.50 for it.

OK, if there are nay experts on any of these things,
I'd sure like to understand what the deal is.

In the meantime, I guess I got a great deal
on a little bag of goodies, and they will
be a whole lot less in my little store.

OK, here, for your viewing pleasure:
Old Books

More to come on these oldies but very special books.

barbara jean


Maureen said...

Collectors can be a very competitive bunch. And they know their stuff and they love what they love. I am not really a collector (but I do LOVE the needle case).

At the end of the day though,you have to remember if they were priced at these prices and they did not sell.....perhaps the prices are a little high. I can't say for sure because I don't know about these particular items but I have been selling in an antique mall for about 6 years and that has been my experience. You have to decide how quickly you want them to move and price them accordingly. GOOD LUCK!

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

yeah sometimes people are asking such high prices. That is the same with furnitures! We were looking for a table and sometimes they were asking for a simple table more than 3000 euro's! Must the king eating on it or something like that?
But you found some great stuff and i am glad you ask normal prices!

Elle said...

What nice finds! I want to have my own antique excursions but as I am in Singapore I am not aware of any flea markets or the like where I can indulge my love for vintage items.

I dropped by from OWOH by the way :)

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Love the old Bibles! ; )

Leann said...

Good Morning Sweet Friend

Not sure about pricing - I just buy it if I like it and it's in that days budget.

Love the old Bibles!


craftymarta said...

Barbara Jean, as a seller you can price your stuff at whatever price, outrageous or not. I called it "the dream price", only you get it. Then is the " for real price" which is what you can actually can get for the thing. I take consignments and I face this everyday. When a vendor have something they want to get top prices but when they are buying from you they want it for free. It's dealers and buyers nature. I do not allow overprices because I believe it can affect my business adversely. I do not want to be the crazy lady with the crazy prices. Another thing, if you have an extraordinary piece, mark it high, you can always go down and must people do ask for discounts. I also have learn the wrong way about pricing by losing money, how?, by not doing research. The worst is when a costumer buys something, paid, comes back and tells you the value of whatever they bought, almost like bragging. That one really hurts. If a buy something that should be more I do 2 things, if I feel sorry and I want to help the person I tell them what it is and most times they will marked it up or keep it because of the newfound value. If I get an amazing deal and I need to keep it I will never come back and throw the value at the person, not nice. I think of braggers, "you have me once...". Sorry for the long testament I just felt like sharing my two cents. By the way I love the sewing case and I would have paid 9.00. The metal stuff it better have some gold or silver markings. Happy junking and lots of blessings, Marta.

craftymarta said...

BJ, I was not offended at all, actually I think I was more blunt than needed. You will figure it out, quickly. I know you will be fair and honest and that will be the best pricing method. Blessings to you, Marta.

Tete said...

BJ- those items were probably marked too high to begin with or you wouldn't have them now. Research the compasses online- like ebay- it will give you a more rational price.
Around here, most of these items are not worth much, but markets are different, depending where you are.
The black face compass is different and should be marked higher.
The advertising pieces are a prime item. The pet milk can opener is wonderful along with the milk/ cream bottle opener advertising a local diary.
Your sewing vial is what we call a needle barn. The vintage button hook is great.
The car thing and pin are nothing that strikes me. A lot of this I would price from $2- $10 without researching.
When you have multiples of something like the compass- it is best to put one out first and see how much interest there is and how fast it sells.
If it sells really fast- you know you can kick it up a bit.
You have the most fun things- can't wait to see what you have for us to see next time!
Hugs- Tete