Monday, February 21, 2011

complaining, about blogger

I'm running out of time, and patience,
with this blog nuisance.

In spite of all the good suggestions for how to get my fave
blog follow list back, it is still gone.

I was hopeful when it came back last night for awhile..
I frantically unfollowed some blogs (hard choices) hoping
that would fix the problem.
But, this morning, it is still gone.

Sometimes I have the list of blogs I follow on my profile page, but
not very often.
And that is of course, not the most recent posts, just the list.

I tried adding a couple of new blogs to my follow list,
but they are not showing up either.

I feel like I have lost a whole bunch of good friends,
and I am probably not done with this frustration yet.

On top of it all, every time I even click to go to dashboard
it takes about 3 minutes to load.

Is Google reader the same as my follow list?
I do have access to that.
Maybe I should count my blessings,
but I am not feeling very thankful right now.

OK, stay tuned for some more fun finds, as
soon as I calm down again

hugs and blessings all my dear blogging friends.

barbara jean


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wish I could help. On occasion my "Reader List" on my dashboard says "You are not following any blogs at this time", but usually if I go on and do something else, then go back later and refresh the screen it comes back. Sure hope you get it worked out.

The Cranky Queen said...

Sorry for your computer troubles. Blogging is such a blessing, but at the same time the devil sneaks in and steals our thunder! I hope that you can figure out the blogger thingy soon and get your favs back. The Cranky Queen, Tiff

Char said...

Oh Barbara Jean, I wish I could help you but I don't have a clue. Maybe someone out there is blogland can give you the answers you seek. I have missed you, now I know why. I don't want to miss a post. Char

peggy aplSEEDS said...

oh no! i hope you get it sorted out soon. i wouldn't know what to do if all my faves disappeared!

Tete said...

I have run across several blogs that are having the same problem. Theirs finally showed back up after several days of being MIA. Hopefully yours will pop back up and stay up.
Hang in there!
Hugs- Tete

vicki said...

Barb- I don't know how to get it back on your blog- but I do know that your google reader list is the same as your blog list. Hope this helps--

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Barbara,

My dashboard reading list of blogs has come and gone on me this past week. Whenever Blogger is making changes strange things happen.

Have you posted your problem at the Blogger Forum?

Meanwhile you can also see a list of links to the blogs you follow by going to "MY Account" {click on Design first if you don't see My Account}..from your navigation bar and click on the "data stored with your account" and then scroll down to Friend Connect and you'll see "sites I've joined"...there you can at least see a list of the blogs you follow....

Since you have more than one blog also try going into your other blogs and try adding a blog to follow to see it works in those other blogs...if you can't add from your other blogs then you know it's a glitch with Blogger for sure... Rebooting your computer, clearing your History and Cache at your web browser then Logging in to Blogger sometimes will make it work..

I haven't read all the other suggestions so if I may be repeating what you've already been told.

Stephanie ♥

Renee said...

Barbara jean,

They do go into google reader, so you can find them there unless they are completely erased. If they do show up in reader - Super, if they don't and you know you didn't erase anything, try cleaning out your cache on your computer. That sometimes help open up the blog list again. Wish I could help more! I am feeling your frustration!

Big Hugs sent to you!