Monday, February 28, 2011

Tinware, Italian Book, and Slipper Sweetness

A dusting of snow on my bunny.

Anyone love tinware like I do?

Just look at this set.
I'm thinking maybe used for camping?

I looked up the Sigg Switzerland name.
They mainly made thermos bottles;
thousands of them!
Anyone know anything about these?
Not sure what I will do with them.

And another one of my vintage books I found lately.
This is the tallest one on the left.

Belonging to a young man's Italian grandparents,
it was to help them learn English.

It has hundreds of pages of illustrations, sayings...

And look at these lovely Victorian blouses.

I hope I can do some art from these.
OOH OOH! I'm having an idea.
What about some small framed pieces with these prints,
and the words in them. I like it!

I'm not sure how much English they learned,
as this book is in perfect condition but for the
ever so perfectly worn cover.

And here is a little ballet slipper sweetness for you.

And a garden urn too.

Blessings on your day

barbara jean


kpaints said...

Love the illustrations in the Italian book...nice to see the real names of clothing from 'back in the day'. Thanks for sharing.

sweet violets said...

Love that book, great find!!! You can make some tags with those prints, some collages, I know you will run with these!!! hugs...cleo

Crimson Heart Studios said...

Barbara I love the top and bottom photos. The bunny is looking forward to spring I'm sure. I've been experimenting with polymer clay and wool roving, and just posted some vintage looking pieces, you might enjoy. Come see

She Uses Her Words said...

I love your idea for framing the Italian prints! How sweet!
xo, Karen

Judi said...

Sweet urn! Of course all the treasures are great :) Judi