Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missing blog list

My blog list is back, ( see post here)
ff and on.
It keeps telling me to take some of the blogs I follow off my list
cause I have over 300 on there.

How do I do that? How do I "unfollow" a few?
I do not want to do that, but guess I will try that to see if my list will stay on.

thanks and blessings
barbara jean


Dorthe said...

Hi Barbara Jean

you just click your dashboard-then inside there you click your blog list, and a new picture comes up with all your list, there you can click: remove- and SAVE
hope you have succes with that--


Victoria said...

I had to remove some of mine also, it took quite a while because I only removed ones that hadn't blogged in 2 months or more. I think it's when you follow thru google that you get a follow limit because I know many people who follow way more than 300!

Tina said...

Google Reader imports your list of blogs that you follow so that you can read them in both places. And I know that if you use Google Reader to read blogs (I do) and you want to unfollow any, you have to unfollow them in your Blogger Dashboard first, and then also in Google Reader, otherwise they keep reappearing in Google Reader. Took me awhile to figure that out. So annoying.

I opened my Dashboard just now in a new window (already had one of my blogs open in another window and didn't want to leave that page) and it said I'm not following any blogs. I closed that new window, then went to the Dashboard in my other window that was already open and the list was all there, in tact.

More than likely it is a cookies issue. Try just clearing your browser's cookies, cache/temp files and history. Then close the browser and reopen it and go to your Dashboard again. Hopefully it will be there then. You also might try Google Reader instead...I like it much better for reading all my fave blogs, and I've never had my list disappear there.