Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anyone know why.......

The link within just pops up wherever it wants on your post??

I love the link within concept to take you to other posts about like things,
but, sometimes I think readers do not see your whole post.
The link pops up in the middle and they think you are done.

Is anyone else having trouble with that?

Any suggestions how to stop it?

Blessings and thanks,

barbara jean


vicki said...

Yours is at the bottom of the post - isn't that the right place?


Anonymous said...

I understand your question, Barbara Jean. Mine has been appearing not only at the bottom of the posts, but also in the middle of a "text" gadget in my side bar !!!! What's that about ???? I don't know the answer. I've tried moving the "link within" code to other places, and don't know what else to try! If anyone knows the answer, I would sure love to hear from them too!