Monday, May 17, 2010

Making the best of things

Sometimes you just have to make the best of things
That's the name of a blog I just found.
I love what Ann has done with this plain glass jar.

She has complete instructions on her blog.

And other great ideas!

Please go on over and pay her a visit,
and let her know I sent you!


barbara jean


Susan said...

What an amazing transformation of a simple glass!

Diane said...

No fair, Barbara Jean! How did you do it!? LOL!


Sharon said...

Do you have a link to her blog? I'd love to visit!

Lisa said...

How great!! I need a better eye! I have so much raw material right now I need to get it together!
Hugs, Lisa

Lululiz said...

Great transformation, who would have thought a plain glass jar could turn into something that pretty?