Monday, May 10, 2010

Dryer Sheet Roses??

Aren't these gorgeous?

They are by Lori, at

Katie's Rose Cottage

They are roses she did as her
own lovely version of my tea bag roses.
They are made from dryer sheets!

She gives complete wonderful instructions at her place.
Click on her name above to get straight to it, then be
sure to take a look around.
She has the most beautiful blog.
I always have a wonderful time when i go visit.

thanks for sharing Lori.

Blessings all.

barbara jean

Just a little note on my tutorial:
I have started using glue sticks and toothpick to glue my roses as I go.
No burnt fingers!!!!
And you get to use that last little bit of glue you
can never get out of the bottom of the stick. =)


Doni said...

Wow, those are wonderful! And I've been tossing all those dryer sheets away!! Oh NO!! Well, off to try some roses!!!

clustres said...

Very cute and I bet they smell good too!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Barbara Jean:
Beautiful roses, so thank you for the link! Who would have thought that dryer sheets could turn out so pretty?!
Have a great week.

vicki said...

well, I must admit that I have never even seen anything like these - and you know - they are beautiful AND I am going to to have to try my hand at making some!

You are amazing! Love these!!