Sunday, May 23, 2010

Red, Green, and Crinkly White

Been buying games to use the tiles to make things.

I think this may have been two games mixed in together.

But how fun is this??
Cute little squared off cubbies to make your words in.


How's this for red??
It was in one of those $4.00 boxes I posted yesterday. =)
You say you want more red????

How about some green instead?

One lone flower plant blooming in the middle of weeds.

And what about this cool yard decor at my friends house.

And here's a little white for you.
A sort of tissue tracing type paper I got at a sale.
I buy nay kind of paper I can, cheap, and experiment with it.
Wad it up, tea stain it, rip it, make flowers out of it.
Just like to play. =)

And here is a project I started Thursday.

I finished it, then accidentally deleted the pics of it.

I'll show you another time. =)

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Lululiz said...

I have never seen that version of a scrabble game before, how fun is that?!?