Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In search of cottonwood fluff....

On the right trail.

There is a trail down to the river that has cottonwood trees.

I go out and 'gather' for my nests.

Heading the right way. getting closer.
These sparse amounts are difficult to gather.
I keep on going.

Now finding some 'tufts' in the grass.
Trying to gather it is like trying to capture air.
Some of the bigger tufts, like below,
you can get hold of.
Must be careful of stinging nettles in this area.

Not far beyond this, I found the little seed pods
that have dropped most of their tuft already.

I almost waited too long this year.
Most has already blown off,
but here is what I got.

This may look like a lot, but by the time you pick the 'fluff' off,
the pile is usually pretty small.

And here's what I do with the 'fluff'.
Makes such a soft liner for my nests. =)
Here is another nature find, and a tip.
This is some wonderful moss/lichen I found.

I spray it and other finds with clear acrylic sealer.
Then it will keep it's color for a long time,
and not fade as quickly as they have a tendency to.
Great when you are using it in collages,
or for sitting around to add to vignettes.

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eileeninmd said...

Very creative and a cool looking nest. Lovely photos!

Lululiz said...

That cotton wood fluff stuff looks great, absolutely perfect for nest making. I don't think we have those trees over here, what a shame.

D.E. said...

Oh what lovely fluff! I don't know if I've ever seen fluff. So pretty. Hope you have a fluff Day O-Wednesday. Blessings DE

Regina said...

Hello Barb. These are wonderful.
Happy outdoor!

Ms. Bake-it said...

What a clever way to utilize the fluff. Thanks for the tip on spraying moss/lichen.

~ Tracy