Monday, May 17, 2010

Of Books and Scales

Aren't these books wonderful?
The one on the left is the Farmers Bulletin #861.
It is dated September 1917, reprint July 1920.

I'm looking up tea stains in it to see what it says.
Thinking since I am now serving Tea & Treats at the store,
I may need to know how to remover tea stains. =)

(this page is the tea stain info).

This second book is Hood's Combined Cook Books.
There is no copyright date in it.
But, it does say, that you can order any of the
cook books by sending a 2 cent stamp for a copy.
So I think it must be very old.
HERE is a site that has a great article on Hood,
and wonderful pictures of his products.
I think you would enjoy his story,
and the vision and how he moved forward with it.
The back page cracked me up.
It has instructions for dinner for 10 people,
then dinner for 12 people.
The column next to those is touting Hood's Vegetable Pills.
Here is some of what it said:

"Said by thousands to be the best family physic around."
( I thought it said psychic at first!) =)

"They do not cause pain or gripe."
(sure need those some days.
Maybe I wouldn't gripe so much?)

"Good for: constipation and costiveness?
biliousness??, headache, jaundice, and liver complaint.
Taken right away can help with a cold or flu.

Many people who have suffered with piles have also
been completely cured by taking them."
Here is a copy of a label from his famous

I looked this Hood's book up on the internet:
value $25.00!!!

And here is my other great find this past week.

This old Agricultural Scale.

Isn't it great??
I just love it. All that rust and oldness. =)

It says Hansen's, then, Texas Cotton Scale.
Dated on the back 1961, or 7, cannot quite tell.
And it even still has the
State of Oregon Departmetn of Agriculture Seal on back.

It is H E A V Y!!!
Not sure what I will do with it.
Maybe a plant hanger??

Any ideas??


barbara jean

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vicki said...

love your treasures Barb - espcially the old books - LOVE them! Can't wait to see what you do with the last "thing"!