Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Sewing, and Oh So Sweet Dancer

These are aging snowball blossoms.
See how they are turning just the palest pink ever?

Sweet old plastic sewing box.
It swivels.

And, hard to see I know,
but inside the bottom part it holds spools.

Not good color on this pic, and could not get it to turn upright,
but wanted you to see the old pin cushion in the lid.


Our sweet Ava, (in the middle) at her first recital.
Between the Ava and her sister, they were in 5 dances!
Sorry. Pics of here sister did not turn out) =(

Ava again, on left.

Sweet Ava, and grandpa.

I'm linking up to Pink Saturday.
If you love pinkness of any kind,
it is the place to be on Saturday.

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Annesphamily said...

Ava is certainly sweet! I love the pinks today! Have a great weekend! Anne

sissie said...

Hey Barbara Jean,
Did anyone ever tell you that Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner! LOL

Little Ava is such a doll.

I have never thought about drying snowballs but I will now. I love that tinge of pink!


Diane said...

This is sweet - going to a granddaughter's recital! Precious!

I'm so glad you had a day at the water! You've been working so hard. You deserved the treat!

Happy Weekend!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Ava is just precious!!

And I don't think that i have ever seen a sewing basket quite like that ! How cool is that!!



Chatty Crone said...

Happy Pink Saturday. Sandie

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Now, Ava is the cutest pink! What a little doll! :-)

Barbara Jean, at first I thought that sewing box was a cake. That means one of two things. 1) I need to have my glasses checked or 2) I need to go find some cake! I choose option number two! ;-)

Happy Pink Saturday!


Sheila :-)

CC said...

I loved the sewing box...and your sweet grndaughter is just gorgeous. I've been scrolling through and reading..I think your blog just gets better and better..and back when you were asking for help in the decision for a button for your blog..I think the baby shoe with your tea roses in it would be a wonderful button for your site. It's just beautiful. You are so talented..I love visiting and seeing what you're doing next. Happy Pinks, and have a lovely weekend.


Sweet pics of Ava and her Papa! The sewing basket is cool. Love the pincushion on it.
Happy weekend!
Deb :)

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Barbara Jean! I LOVE your sewing box!... And Ava looks like a doll in her recital! Oh, I remember my girl dancing in her recitals!.. So much fun, and such a positive experience for her, in so many ways! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend! ~tina

clustres said...

Your photos show my favorite shade of pink...palest! So soft!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Awwwww what sweet pinks you've shared today! I love the sewing caddy but my favs are your grandaughters :-)

Shopgirl said...

This is the best pink ever...happy PINK Saturday, your Mary

nannykim said...

Cute Cute little girl with big beautiful eyes. My daughter has some of those blossoms you have pictured there! I love your vase!

blushing rose said...

Barbara Jean, Ava is adorably cute ... how proud you must be.

All your pinks are lovely, the snowballs are beautiful.

Have a beautiful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Susanne said...

You had me at "it swivels"!

Love the dance pictures, reminds me of a picture from my daughters first recital, 4 or 5 years old. Each of the 5 or so little girls in the picture were captured in a different pose, when they were all supposed to be the same! Too funny. Glad to see your little girls were much more together.


Hi Barbara Jean, Love all the lovely "PINK" today, Ava is so precious. Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment on my; "Let's Address This Head On, address number flower pots! I hope you get to stop by for a visit to see my sweet "PINK" post today!

Kathy said...

Absolutely love pink. These pictures are great - and the girls! Precious!
Becoming a follower!


Thank you for visiting again Barbara Jean!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Happy (albeit late) Pink Saturday. Love all your found pinks. My new grand-daughter's name is Ava too. Love it! Please don't worry about the give-aways being large. Just give with your heart and you will be fine. Have a wonderful week~ xo Lynn

vicki said...

Oh that sweet Ava! what a cutie! Love these little pictures - priceless!

Love the dried flowers too! snowballs are among my favorites.