Sunday, May 30, 2010

New True Blue Friends, Treasures, and OOPS!!!

Meet Tina Marie,
of Patina Marie blog fame.

And here is Janice.
Now she is the most prepared garage saler I have ever met!

Look at this vest.
She had everything in it.
Look at all those pockets.
Need a pen and paper? She's got it.
money, keys, little tape measure,
hand sanitizer, magnet (wonder what that is for?),
kleenex, and even a reusable shopping bag.
Is this girl prepared, or what??

They are both clowns, and so much fun! =)

They drove from Grants Pass to stay in Eugene
for a few days and play.
Saturday I had the fun of taking them to garage sales,
and show them my little gift shop.

We hit it off great, and it was like we were old friends.

And here is a piece of blue loot from our trip around to sales.

Turquoise does count doesn't' it?
and if it does, here is more.
another mask from the boxes i bought.
no modeling this time.
and how about a blue "B".
(we're going to have some fun with this soon.) =)

and a couple more thrifty treasures.
See those two little vintage frames?
Aren't they great??

And look at the backs.
Just as sweet as the fronts.
The one on the right has raised design on it.
Not sure what it is out of, or anything about it.
Just old, affordable, and sweet.

Oh, you can't be here!
It is not your turn yet.
Come back another day and I will tell about you.


Here is an oops for you.

I painted these chairs black, and recovered the seats
for one of my little Tea & Treats areas.

Then I glued a piece of felt on the bottoms of the legs
so they would not scratch the floor.

Well, who would have though that glue would go right through that felt.

Yep, you guessed the next part.
They stuck to the floor!

and pulled that paint right off!!!

so I decided to glue another piece on, only thicker.
and speaking of thicker,
look at this glue.


It was an old bottle, and sticky mess!!

For an even better glue story,
and a good laugh,
click HERE

Thank you to these wonderful bloggers for hosting today.

Junkin' Monday
Blue Monday
Today's Thrifty Treasures

Every one have a super Monday, and

Today, lets think of those who have given their lives for
our country so that we may have freedom.

Our prayers and thanks to those who are serving now.
It is because of them we enjoy the freedoms we have here.

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Beatnheart said...

Those frames are so great...excellent score.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, good friends, good goodies!
Good fun!
Hugs! Diane

Patina Marie said...

We had fun too! Can't wait to come back!

Thanks for the shout out. Haven't had a chance to blog since I got home. Too busy. That's the price you pay for going away for 5 days!

Gotta get through all the things we have planned for Summer, but I think Fall has our names all over it! ( before the heavy rains! )

Oh, and the magnet, to check if "that" really cute silver tray
that you wanna hang in the craft room or kitchen is aluminum, stainless, or steel!!! Won't stick to the aluminum or the stainless...!


Susan said...

Your treasures are great!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

I love your glue story! It's like years ago when I was working on a counted thread sampler and stitched it to my skirt! lol Sometimes all we can do it laugh.
Have a great Memorial Day!

vicki said...

Barbara - wonderful that you can go to garage sales with your friends! That makes for a wonderful day!

Ugh oh - about the glue - hate when that happens!


Charlotte said...

Love the turqouise stool! Your friend's vest is hilarious but smart!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Barbara Jean,
Loved your post today!!

Great treasures!!


Lululiz said...

Oh I did have to giggle, sorry. I bet there was a strong word or two before you started laughing. I have had a few ooops moments with superglue as well. Tricky stuff that.

Sharon said...

You are so having fun! Love the glue story and the vest is to die for! Has the rain stopped for you. I can't take it much longer. I am sure I have developed gills. LOL

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Nice finds!! Love that stool!