Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bowl of Buckles & Rusty Keys

I bought this Bowl of Buckles over a year ago.
Had great visions of using it in my art.
Well, I've decided I have more supplies than I will ever use,
so, I'm parting with some of these treasures.
If you see anything you are interested in please let me know.

First up: 13 assorted silver buckles and ??
See the ones with the 'post' out the backs,
I'm not sure what they are. Buckles??

Here is a close up of the back of one.
See the anchor?
Go HERE if interested.

More Rusty Treasures!!

I rusted more goodies.
Keys, and, see those two latch thingies?
Those were solid gold, bright shiny new.
I got them in a box with some other things.
Was going to Goodwill them, then thought, RUST!!
Took 3 times to get them to rust, but I did it!!!!

formula? White vinegar, salt.
Lay item on paper towel.
dowse with vinegar, salt heavily.
Wrap up i paper towel,
Put in baggy.
Check in a couple of days.

If more rust desired, add more vinegar and salt.
(keep in mind that after they are 'done' and
lay out in the air awhile, they will continue to rust.)
Don't you love the colors of these?
And how about that bit of blue patina in the pic above?
Anyone need any rusty keys??
Who knows, maybe I'll just get into the rusting business,
and forget all the rest? =)
Oh, almost forgot.
This big eye hook was in the box too.
Can't you just see it with a ribbon holding a picture?
Pretty cool rusted huh??

Big Monday Blessings to all.
Having fun in Oregon.

barbara jean


Tete said...

Love rusty things!

shawkl said...

All of these would be great objects for art projects. I have a good friend that would love anything you have left over. Just keep me in mind...and thanks.

kpaints said...

I love rust too. Thanks for the formula, I may use it soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the "rust recipe"! Going to try this one for sure. Interesting blue and brown patinas on the keys. I love it!


She Uses Her Words said...

Thanks for the rust recipe Barbara! Love the patina! I've always wondered how to do that. Have a great day!
xo, Karen

Tara said...

i need those buckles! i am making some bags that need 2" buckles with a center bar. you would think that they would be easy to find-not so. i had some vintage ones but used them all so i am on the hunt.

Jean Tuthill said...

I love those rusty things....right up my alley!