Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free Pretty Things For You

Jenny, at
Free Pretty Things For You
did a feature today on my Tart Tin Tutorial.
(she jazzed up my little tart tin picutre. So cute!)
Thanks Jenny!!

I'm so glad she found me, cause now
I know where to go for some free cuteness when I need it.

And she has a cute meme going on Wednesdays!

Hope you will go check it out!!

blessings to all
barbara jean

PS I won't be on here or visiting quite as much as it is inventory time! ugh!

but I am still alive and well and will be around when I can
with little bits of gladness for you. =)


Anonymous said...

I've seen your little tart tin featured everywhere. Woohoo! It's a cute one! Thanks for sharing the free clip art site!

Be well,

Free Pretty Things For You said...

You are too sweet!
so glad i coudl feature you and found you!! :D