Monday, January 24, 2011

Forks and Frogs

Forks. Silver Forks.
A whole bag of them.

84 to be exact.

Aren't they beautiful?
All so intricate, and makes you wonder where all they have been.
Who were the families who had them?

And why do I have them?
Why did I buy 84 silver forks?
For these:
little fork easels ...
to display little vintage pics.
(and my art. pics coming soon)
My sweet fella makes these for the store.
I got the idea from Dawn at The Feathered Nest.
Thanks Dawn, for your great blog and for sharing so many things.

And here are my new frogs.
I'm having a harder time finding the metal ones these days,
so always scoop them up when I see any.
These are just small ones, but the two square
ones hook together to make one longer one.

Thanks for coming by.
Blessings to all.

barbara jean

PS Another cute fork idea coming soon too. =)


Shay said...

What beautiful silver, I keep buying it up- for a 'someday' project . I love old frogs too-my mom just gave me several.

Tara said...

great find on the forks! lovely designs.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

I just love your fork
easels, they are so
cute!! I am always
collecting old silverware
and have them in a bin
in my studio ~ I need
to try some of those ~


Yayin said...

Una idea muy original,me gusta mucho como ha quedado el tenedor.
Besos Rosa

sweet violets said...

Love the fork easels, made quite a few a couple years ago....great find on the forks...have fun...cleo

Lisalulu said...

GREAT IDEAS..I have a bunch of frogs, and am always looking for more too! I think they make great picture holders too. LOVE your ideas

She Uses Her Words said...

Lovely little easels Barb!
xo, Karen

Anonymous said...

84 forks! LOL! Wow! Well, I don't blame you for buying them! They're beautiful!!!!

Lea said...

I've never seen fork easels before Barb! How cute! I've always adored flower frogs to display vintage relatives. You have some beautiful ones!!! Hope you figure out what happened to your comments. My blogger has been a little messed up too. For some reason my header lettering is fuzzier than usual. ?? Have a beautiful day!