Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Cards

Busy making some new cards.
Love this little picture.
All art used on these cards is from
My Little Raggedy Blessings
Thanks Renae!!

(when you go to her site, click on
the scatter kindness girl on left sidebar.)

This all white lace with buttons and bow is a different look for me.
I enjoyed the change of making it.

White lace background, a piece of gauze fabric,
and a tag with ribbon on this one.
(this tag is not from Renae, but will have to see where I got it.)

Love this one. Sweet picture,
cheesecloth around the edges,
lace trip on top, and....
a little piece of mating lace on the inside.
I try to put a bit of matching trim on the insides of the cards.
A sweet little surprise when the card is opened.

This card seems like it still needs something.
Or, maybe the red heart is just too much.
And ideas??

I've decided I'm pretty much a minimalist.
Just sweet and simple for me.


barbara jean


Queen of Dreamsz said...

They are really pretty!

Tete said...

Very pretty! Love them!
Hugs- Tete

Renee said...

Hi Barbara Jean,

I love your cards, and I think the red heart is just right. I think it would look lovely with some red beads or red ribbons added to drape down from the read heart.

I love your blog!

sissie said...

I think the last card is just perfect. The little red heart is the perfect touch!

I love all of your card designs.


ClassyChassy said...

Very pretty card - you are always so busy creating! I got a part time job after 2 years of unemployment - just in the nick of time! So, been busy 30 hrs per week with learning Durable Medical Equipment! Snow is piling up here and it was zero last night. My hens are still laying eggs and the Corgis are fine - the horses have winter blankets this year, and all is well - except it's left me little time for crafts!!! :(

Anonymous said...

Ohh these are all so beautiful. I love how you did them all and the white one with the bow is very different, i love the one at the bottom with the sweet image and little heart
have a great day today
hugs June

rosarod said...

Hi Barbara, their jobs look so delicate! has a special touch with a sensitivity that leads to your creations! blessings, Rose Marie

kpaints said...

They look have been so busy! I start mine this Friday. Thanks for sharing Renae's site.

Dragonlady said...

I just adore all of the pretty cards you have created...the last one is perfect....i love the image of the 2 little ones kissing, I had it as my wallpaper for a long time..
hope all is well with you..

Marilyn said...

All are lovely. You have good taste, so be bold in your decisions! ♥♫

Susan said...

I love your cards! So creative! Love the Victorian look of them all!

Shabbylishious said...

These are so pretty. I think I will try doing this myself. I love the first one.Prettylishious!:)
I have posted a new rose today and one moore will be posted later today also.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Shabbylishious said...

Hi Barbara.
I saw your question. The rose you added your comment uder is 190 Norwegian kroner. In USD it is 30.9251. It probaly sound quite expensive for you.Nut here the currency is a lot lover than us dollar and norway is a very expensive country so the prize is normal here. One need to get back some for the work one puts into the art also dont you agree?
Like the one you have made here. Since they are cards they cant have the same value, but as pictures to put a wall they are higly treasured and should be prized there after. I would give 40 usd for such a pretty picture without doubt.
Just to compare prizes between norway and us one normal pint of beer here is 80 kroner thats 14 USD.
Crazy I know.
And your card.Very pretty.Hugs!