Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silver & Gold for you.... And some black too.

I showed these silver buckles a while back.

Well, here are some gold/brass ones too.
And hearts! Just in time for Valentines Day.
Any project you'd like to do with these?
There are bunches!!
Told you I am cleaning out!!

I found these metal shoe thingies at the flea market.
The guy said they were used to form shoes to make them.
Is that what they are for??
Well, does not really matter.
They were old, black, and cool.
So, of course I bought them!

Here is a close up of the one on the right.
Anyone know what the numbers, letter mean?

Look what else I found.

These wonderful black shoes.
What do you think?
Black ribbon for laces???
Any other ideas??

Here is a close up of the detail
Not sure if they are old or not,
but sure think they are cool.
And here is me, helping a friend clean.
So much more fun cleaning someone elses house,
than my own. =)

Speaking of fun....
Here is my Mom, at dinner for her 80th birthday.
We also gave her a big pizza party and invited all her friends.


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Barbara,
Oh, I love it all...especially the pic of you and the one of your mom--and you're's so much more fun to clean someone else's house--I wonder why, but I feel the same way! lol

sweet violets said...

Barb, those metal shoe forms go on a stand and the shoe goes on so it is up side is for repairing soles and heels...I have my dad's here in the hallway, will send you a pic....he repaired our shoes, and put "cleats" on my penny loafers....anyone remember those??? hugs...cleo

Lisalulu said...

besides being so talented, you are so sweet to do that for your mom! You are my inspiration!