Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Copper and Sweet Little Vignettes

I love copper.
When I opened the store, I went on quite a copper frenzy.
If it was that beautiful color, and especially tarnished,
it went in my bag!
But this is a special piece. I have not had a pitcher before.
Most were tea pots, and cups.

My question: Does anyone know about the
Old Colony Copper Company?
or Anaconda Copper?
Let me know please.

here are some little vignettes of some new finds.
Love this tall glass jar with lid.
Such a different pattern and shape.
And it is very thick and heavy!
Most valuable I am sure. =)

And this sweet little wire piece will of course go
in the new French/Victorian room we are getting ready.
Wonder what it is for??

Thanks for coming by.
Blessings on your day

barbara jean

PS I just really need to do some crafting instead
of all the book work going on for inventory and taxes.
Wat do you think?
Work, or PLAY!!!!!!


Linda said...

Beautiful little pitcher, Barbara! I have never run into one of these before either!

Tete said...

Hello- here you go:
Anaconda Copper-
Items from Old Colony were made in Kewaskum, Wisconsin.
The glass candy dish was sold at Walmart between 1985-90 during the Christmas season. I bought several, I was into cake decorating and cookie making- even had a cookie gun, and I filled these with cookies and candies and mailed them everywhere for Christmas one year. I even kept one for myself that I later sold at a garage sale.
They were a big hit! The jars were a great forever gift, heavy and sturdy, and pretty. With the cookies in them, they were gorgous!
Hope that helps!
Love your pitcher- run a search on ebay for value.
Hugs- Tete

Lululiz said...

The copper pitcher is beautiful! I, too, love the beautiful rich colour of old copper.
Can't help with your queries though, sorry.

Vicki said...

Play! me too...too much organizing and play. Love that copper pitcher.

sweet violets said...

I hear ya on the week I will start getting it together for taxes....wish the good fairy would show up to do this!!!! hugs...cleo

Susan said...

The pitcher is awesome!! I also adore the vignette! It was pretty!

Jillayne said...

Play, always! I love copper too but know nothing about either company. I do have a copper chocolate pot that I love though - it reminds of something straight out of Narnia! I love your pitcher!