Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's All About Time

You will not be late with this clock on the wall.
This beauty is almost 2' wide, and works!

Not sure you can see it, but the hands are a bit rusty.
You know how I love rust!!
But, this treasures is going to the shop,
and it is for sale!!!!
And look what other treasures I found at the flea market today.
A little box of watch and clock faces.
39 in all!!!
From 1/2" to 2".
I'll be selling some of these.
Let me know if interested.

I just love these!!
close up of my very fave.
And these?
A bit too shiny new for me.

To rust or not to rust.
That is the question.
What do you think?

Have a super day.


barbara jean


Dorthe said...

How wonderfull a find, I can`t in a million years immagine to find such a bunch here!!!
Have you seen my giveaway,dear ?

bijzonder-oud said...

wow, love your fleamarket find! enjoy it!


crafting uk mum said...

I love the clock faces! have you a link to your shop as i would love to buy some!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was a fabulous find. brilliant clock faces. so beautiful
hugs June

Cat & Cricket said...

Barbara Jean.. I go with TO RUST! Love it!

kpaints said...

Wow, you better let Betsy know about these! I hope she was able to get the others you posted a few days ago! I justed noticed your to head over there...

Lisalulu said...

I like the shiney! they look so clean.

Lululiz said...

The Parisian clock is gorgeous, what a great piece. And all those little clock/watch faces, great find!

Dayna Tilleman said...

I would love some let me know when and where and I will be there, wish I had flea markets by me
thanks D

Rebecca said...

Hello Barbara Jean
You have found some wonderful treasures there... love those old clock faces, as so does all of blogdom. You should have no problem selling those out.
Hope you are having a great winter!

She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Barb! I'd like those clocks please. I can pick them up next week.
talk soon, Karen

Tara said...

love those clock faces. great find!

Shabbylishious said...

I am very very very interested in the clock faces Barbara. I have been searching high and love for those for a long time.
The big click is a true beauty indeed. I love rust also and it would be a nice treasure in any home.
Many hugs and kisses!

Betsy said...

Barb, let me know if you still have any of the watch faces. Thanks so much. What a great haul you have here;-)

sonya said...

Hi Barb!
Count me in too! I would love some of those! I hope you are having a great week.

Miss Ruby said...

I would love to get some clock faces please contact me at Thanks!

Barbara Jean said...

Tried to send an email bot invalid address.