Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mother of Pearl Buttons

On the previous post I asked how I would know if buttons
were Mother of Pearl or not.Delete (also known as MOP)
There are a couple of tips on that post,
and then this one from Lululiz.
So for those of you who also wanted to know,
this should be a great help.
Thanks to all of you!

Blogger Lululiz said...

Great find! And isn't it just so much fun emptying out a big bag and searching through to find the good stuff? I can happily spend hours doing that.
As to recognizing MOP buttons, this is how I do it -
Turn the buttons over and look at the back. Especially on old buttons you will find that the back is not very smooth, it will often be bumpy and show little bits of the shell outer

Touch the button to your cheek. Plastic buttons will feel warm compared to MOP, which are cold when you touch them to your skin

If you have washed them, click one against your teeth, I know it sounds silly, but you can tell by the sound whether they are plastic or MOP/glass, plastic sounds much duller than MOP or glass

The beautiful shimmery shine can never be properly imitated by plastic, once you have looked at a few, you will just know.

Barbara Jean

PS You will be glad to know that most of the ones I found were MOP!!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Good info and whoo hooo indeed! Now I'm going to have to pull my button jars down and sort them and find if I have MOP buttons!

sweet violets said...

Good info!!! I knew to look at the backs for the rough shell part, but not the rest....and you are so right, plastic can never copy the working on the sachets, will post soon.....

saltbox treasures said...

Hi. Thanks for the post. When I was digging through my grandmother's buttons, I could immediately feel the coldness of the MOP buttons. Love your blog and your creations!
~ Julie

She Uses Her Words said...

Thanks for the wonderful tip! Now I have a bunch to go through. Can't think of a better way to spend a few hours than going through all my old buttons! Fun!
xo, Karen

Simply Debbie said...

Hello BJ,
Thank you for sharing this interesting piece of information...I just love, love buttons of any kind, any color. I love seeing them in the jar and I love running my fingers through them. I often wonder what my fascination is with buttons but I can see their are many more people as fascinated as me.
Have a sugar sweet day
Simply Debbie