Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playing Possum, I mean Nutria!

Nope. They're not playing possum,
they are possums!!!
BOO BOO! I called these possums. They are nutria.
I knew that, just wrote the wrong thing.
(Guess it did not sound s cute as 'playing possum'.) =)
Thanks to those who brought it to my attention.

They live in the ditch that runs along the edge of my store property.
So once in awhile when I look out the kitchen window,
there they are, nibbling away, on, well whatever possums nibble away on. =)

I really do enjoy watching them, and although some say
they are destructive, they have not caused us any problems.

Hope the pic is not too blurry when you click on it.

Enjoy a little nature in your world today .


barbara jean


Maureen said...

Wow - they look big for possums!

Tete said...

They look like groudhogs to me, and those are destructive. Our oppossoms here are more light gray colored and little heads.
Have someone there check these photos and see if they aren't ground hogs- you don't want them in your foundation at all.

Anonymous said...

Barb, we have possums here and they're good little guys. They eat the grubs that attract the voles. The voles are the destructive ones here. Possums are funny...love how slow and mopey they are!
Hugs, Diane