Friday, January 21, 2011

New Treasures, Cleaning Out & Card Pics

I'm cleaning house.
Well, craft drawers at least.
So, I have decided I will probably never get
anything done with these cool watches,
and I am selling them.
This is the back of the first clock.
So cool. Looks really old, but I have no clue.
This watch is a locket.

And here is a very different one.

And how about these empty ones all ready
for some cute art in them.

Let me know if you are interested in any.
I will try to list on my store blog soon if they are still around
in a couple of days.
Thanks ladies!!
This is the 'new' mantle clock at the store.
Does not work, but it looks really cool!!

I showed you these cards yesterday,
but did not feel like they showed up well on a white background.
So here is a better look.
click to enlarge.

And remember that little booklet I showed you HERE?

I'm getting another whole slew of them done!!
I'm having so much fun!!

Taxes? Inventory? Another day. =)


barbara jean


Shay said...

hI would be interested in buying the watches you showes--could you e-mail me a the blog, by the way shay

Shabbylishious said...

Oh the mantle clock. and the mety ones.Is there any chance thats possible. It would be unique.Not what everyone else have for me.Mail me please.

Beatnheart said...

Hey There, give me a shout if Shay doesn’t buy all of them. It’s been a long time...happy new year and I hope all is going beautifully for you. All the best,

Beatnheart said...

one more thing...after looking at your collages on the end of the posts, I have tiny little brass charms that would look and go great with the assemblages...any interest. perhaps a trade even? they are tiny hearts, tiny hands, ect. let me know if that would appeal to you.