Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"F" is for......

"F" is for
"Funky" old miter box.
I'm loving this!!!
I'll take the metal guide part off and use the rest for a display.
Hmmm, wonder what I can do with those metal parts?
Fabulous sewing machine cabinet....
turned shelf.
The grandpa added shelves to the part
of the cabinet a sewing machine set in.

"F" is for

Coffee grinder.

Another nest home?

How about a little pinkness in the Fun and games department?
First pink flashcards I have ever seen.
And Spill and Spell.
Love those dice with letters on them.

And, "F: is for....new frames.
Thinking I will leave them just as they are.
They will fit great in the new room at the store.
Would you change them? How?

Thanks for coming by

barbara jean


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Barbara Jean ~
Those are just wonderful
finds !!
I can't wait to go
junking again !!


kpaints said...

Really cute post! You had your thinking cap on!!! lol The metal part from the miter box could hold a small paper sign. Love the frames just the way they are and the shelves in the sewing cabinet...clever!

She Uses Her Words said...

Hi Barb~
I would leave the frames just as they are. Nice find!
hugs, Karen

Deanna said...

Barbara Jean,
I have a coffee grinder just like yours. I still can't figure out how to clean the years of grime from the decorative top. I've tried Dawn but maybe I should get a good de-greaser.

Deanna :D

Vicki said...

Love those frames! They'd go perfect in my house as is, but I bet many of our followers would paint them white and distress.

Sares said...

What wonderful pieces! Can you imagine 20 years ago people probably though this stuff was just junk. Now we junkers treasure it!

The Cranky Queen said...

Love the "F" game...Enjoy your blog and hope that you will visit me at thecrankyqueen.blogspot.com Please be a follower and I would love a comment or tidbit of advice. Have an awesome week! Thanks, tiff