Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beautiful Creations

Well evidently the pics are not coming through even though i can see them on my screen.

Soo, it is really beautiful art, and if i can can figure out how to get it on here i will post it today.
Otherwise, I did surely enjoy seeing it myself. =0))

The bird is embroidered on a print fabric with feathers, it's put on a patchwork fabric (of my own composition) like a garden............Around the bird is a nest in 3D; it's crocheted with some real feathers. I like this nest because, it's really in 3D and it's not heavy. Here it's crashed with the window of the scanner........................
What do you think of my creation?

This is a note and pics from my friend Anne, in France. Her work is so wonderful!!
I love that she combined crochet, quilting, and real feathers.
I need to ask her how she made the 'ring' around the 'nest'.

Off for another day on the run. Drs. appointments should all be done with this week, and i get on with my 1 year celebration of the opening of my store. =0))

Blessings, and have a beautiful Wednesday.

Barbara Jean

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ClassyChassy said...

No picture appears on my computer screen - only small squares. Wonder what it looks like....