Monday, April 20, 2009


It came today.
All sleek, and black, and shiny, and new.
I was careful not to get any finger prints on it.
Won't stay that way for long I'm sure.

Been taking it around and introducing it to the other residents on site.
Our old computer wasn't very impressed.
(think it just didn't like sonething so shiny and new around).

I'm doing some photo op.
What do you think??
The straight on shot?
Or this sort of half profile.

I think it looks pretty spiffy from any angle.
but sometimes necessary,
since all the information is inside.

So, now I have paypal, and I have my brand new digital scale, and I have products.
All I need now is some customers.
Hurry, somebody buy something so i can test all this stuff out.
(Oh, hope i can remember how to use paypal!) Well, order, but be patient. OK?
I'm new at all this.

Blessings friends,
Barbara Jean


Bre said...

Okay my dear ...what the heck is that LOL ? Looks very sleek but I wouldn't kjnow what to do with it!

Your grandchildren look sweet.

Take care

Bre said...

Too funny ....I thought it was some kind of new fangled computer !

Is that for your store or are you now selling off your blog or etsy ?

Things are crazy busy as usual in our neck of the woods. Busy watching Volleyball, softball and baseball games but wouldn't trade it for the world cause I know how fast it will end and they'll be on their own. My oldest is going to France next year and getting her driver's license ...goes by so fast !

Talk soon!