Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

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OK, here's my vintage for today.

The Teddy Bear up above was my husband's. He was six when he got it, and it was a used one from a church bazaar. So, since my fella is in his 60's now, I would say this definitely falls into the vintage category. Not sure if the old guy, (the bear, not my husband!) has a name, and my guy is in Mexico so I can't ask. (guess after 40 years of marriage i should know the bear's name if it had one.)
He, (the bear, not my guy) spends most of his time in the closet just sitting. Thought maybe I'd bring him out and enjoy him for awhile.
Maybe even have a snuggle, since my main snuggler is gone for a week. =0))

Oh, let's see old Teddy, what have you here?
Oh, you say it is a nest? OK, here's the low down on it.

My brother gave me this hummingbird nest forever ago. I already had the glass box, so put it in there, along with a couple of feathers i found, and have had it on a shelf where it was safe and sound.

Here is a close up of the sweet nest. It is less than 3" across, and made of the softest and finest materials. It really puts my hand made nests to shame. But then, nest making is a gift given skill that birds certainly do the best.

My brothers have given me great gifts over the years. I do not have a picture of this one, but would love to tell you about it. I think your imagination will fill in the pics. =0)

The same brother who gave me the nest, also, many years ago, gave me a wood box for my birthday. It was about a foot square, rustic box, all nailed shut. No way to open it. On the top was a small hole, and across the hole was a small round stick, with a string on it.
When i pulled on the stick, a little bell rang. His gift was to his 'ding-a-ling sister!
I had that box for years till it finally just fell all apart. But the memory is still there, and makes me smile.

Thanks for letting my share my vintage things with you.

blessings to all,
Barbara Jean


Anonymous said...

i love that old teddy and the nest is simply gorgoeus :) i really enjoyed reading about your 'ding-a-ling' box :)

Ulla said...

That looks like a well-loved bear! I loved the stories of the gifts from your brothers.

Anonymous said...

I thought the bears name was " Pooky" or something like that.R

Elizabeth said...

That nest is very cool! Your husband sure took care of his teddy.
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Coloradolady said...

That is a cute bear. Nothing beats the charm of a vintage stuffed bear!

And what a sweet brother you have. I love the little nest but the box is a priceless memory for sure!

Have a great Easter weekend.

bj said...

This is a great VTT posting, BJ..
thanks for sharing this cute teddy bear and the birdnest with us...all these things are special.

ClassyChassy said...

Love your little story about the dingaling!!! How sweet!!!

Bea said...

I'm so glad you got that bear out of the closet. After all his years of service, he needs a special place. Aren't hummers the most fascinating creatures? Beautiful nest makers as well.

Susan said...

What a sweet story about your brother and his gifts. The teddy bear shows signs of being well loved.

Susie Q said...

What a sweet gift from your brother...both of the gifts!

Need to pull my teddy bear out...he's in a baby's sleeping 'bag' (that's what we called the gowns with drawstrings in the bags as in, "Honey, put a clean bag on the baby" ;D as he is old and a dog got hold of it once...nearly killed the dog ;D Mine is from one of my uncles the day after I was born.

Sarah said...

Looks like that bear has had a long life of hugs and snuggling! Wonderful hummingbird nest!

Barb said...

Hello 'anonymous',

'Pooky' does sound familiar.
Pretty bad when your little brother knows the name of your husband's teddy bear, and I didn't. =0)

Love you,

Stephanie said...

Aww the old teddy bear with the football makes me think of my brother! :) Looks like your brothers have given you some thoughtful gifts over the years!

Happy VTT!


CC said...

I love little Teddy..and the nest is just wonderful. Happy VTT and have a lovely day.

bj said...

Just me again...I wanted to say thanks for all the WONDERFUL suggestions on dressing my table. I, too, love to change things around OFTEN..and I've got so many great ideas...Many thanks!!

Donna said...

Great vintage stuff!! This is my first VTT and its been great fun looking at all your blogs. What a sweet teddy. Love that nest!
Have a great Easter and blessings to all

Miri said...

Great teddy bear! What nice brothers you have!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Barb, what a wonderful memory!!! And funny too!! The nest is gorgeous and such a great keepsake ~ it looks so beautiful displayed in the glass box...xxoo, Dawn

foxxy said...

You had a fun loving brother. and I think that vintage bear is ready for some glasses.

Anonymous said...

What a great bird's nest! And so sweet of your brother to share! :)

I think it's sweet that your husband still has his teddy bear. And that you all have been married so long. I hope my husband and I make it that long. :)