Friday, April 3, 2009

RE: Decorating Help.

Re previous post:

You have sent in some great ideas.
Here is some clarification that will help us be on the same page for now.

-Weather (and time) does not permit me to paint right now.

-The 'wall' is where e closed in the garage, so in front of it is cement and gravel. No way to plant.

-Would you do both walls or just the one on the right??

OK. Put your thinking caps back on and lets hear some quick easy solutions i can have ready before May 1st, for our 'can't believe it has been a year already' anniversary celebration! =0))

Blessings, and many thanks.

Barbara Jean


Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Barb, I was going to send you this sidetracked and forgot. I love something like this and think it would be beautiful through the growing season...not too expensive. Make it really rustic...incorporate your picket fence into your design...use old tubs, wash pots, tea kettles, some of those fun the chickens and swans you can get at dollar stores sometimes...whatever will hold a plant or might want to put in an old wagon wheel...a red wagon's old wheel barrow...maybe a mini windmill. Add a couple of garden benches.
Here's one such set up:
Found this on a friend's blog. It's her daughter's place...there are close up pics too...very slow to have to scan down more than half way through the page.
I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it.
Blessings, Susie

Alicia Robbins said...

The pictures I referred to were of espaliered ivy that was on the brick fence and the diamond shapes. But that isn't an option either with the cement in the way. So I would do what you were thinking of putting several items out there for now until it warms up. And then paint a pretty generic backdrop of grass/field with lots of sky and evergreen trees, evergreen topiaries (depending on the formality you want). Then you could use potted plants throughout the season along with the other items and the picket fence.