Monday, April 13, 2009

New Nest Ideas

I was trying to think of something new to make my nests out of, and this came to mind. This does so look like nest material to me. Want to know what it is?
It is Alyssum that died off over the winter. Alyssun is a sweet little whitish flower that blooms here all summer long, and as you can see at the top of the photo, is already starting to bloom again!

Since we had not cleaned up our yard from last year, there were still bits of the dried up 'stuff' around. I just broke it off at the ground and brought it in to play with it. (on a big piece of plastic. it is very messy)
It made GREAT little nests!
First i rolled it into a little ball in my hand. (I chose parts for this step that were a little finer, and left the long, course stuff for later.)
Now, this step is a two handed job, but since one hand was on the camera, I will just explain it to you.
Hold the ball in both hands at your finger tips, and kind of start 'shaping' the ball. Push down in the center a bit, and pull out on the sides a bit. Shaping it to keep it round and kind of squishing it a bit to keep it together. (such technical talk) =0)

Then take a few of the longer, courser pieces and wrap around the outside, again kind of squishing as you go to keep it in tight. I usually go around only once, but you can go around twice to make the nest a tad bit bigger.

I love the looseness and softness of these nests. They are small, but will be just right for some things i have planned.

Then, guess what??!! I saw Diane's post (Diane Knott's Musings). She put one of her little nests in a paper flower!! It is adorably cute! So, guess what I'm working on now. =0)

Will post a finished nest soon. And, watch Diane's posts. She is having a giveaway soon, of one of her cute flower nests.

Blessings all,

Barbara Jean


Chari said...

Hello Barb..

What a great tutorial!!! I honestly had thought about trying to make some nests...I was really having a difficult finding them where I live...but I just didn't know where to start! I'm heading out tomorrow to look for dried plantings (before we get the yard cleaned up for Spring)...crossing my fingers that I will find something that looks as great as your alyssom! Thank you so much for the great idea and tutorial!

Warmest wishes,

Barb said...

Thanks for coming by.

If you are interested in making larger nests (this post makes only very small ones) I just posted a reference to my other tutorial using birch tree limbs for nests. It is a longer process, but, once you get the hang of it, they do not take a long time to make.

Please be sure if you try any nests to let me see pics of them. Would love to post them here on my blog.

Blessings on your Tuesday.

Barbara Jean

Diminutive Discoveries said...

Great idea! Unfortunatly, I just cleaned out my garden, so I'm out of last years plants, but I'll be sure to get some next spring!