Thursday, April 23, 2009

More New Treasures

Here are a few new treasures from the store.
These little nests are sitting in a 6" paper flower.
Can be ordered with glove or without.
$8.00 includes shipping

Thanks Lisa
And yet another framed nest.
This is a 7x9" frame.
Click on photo to enlarge.
$18.00 includes shipping

These seem to be very popular. As soon as i get one made, it is gone!
Not complaining mind you. I love that other people will get to enjoy what i have made. =0)

If you see anything you are interested in let me know.


Woods Olde Homestead said...

Oh they all are wonderful...good for you that they are going as fast as you get them made...great job...
Prim Blessings...

Lisa said...

Hi Barbara Jean!
I love these 2! Is there any way you can hold them for me? I made a deposit this AM but cannot go through paypal until tomorrow. I'm redoing my bedroom so I "need" these! Also I'm looking for summer decor as my mom and I have been sad there are no holidays until the fall(well you can't count all the red white blue mom has! hehehe) Let me know. My computer is still gone! Not sure it will ever work. So I'll pay it when I'm here at work tomorrow if you are ok with that! THANKS! Your stuff is so neat!
Hugs, Lisa

ClassyChassy said...

Simply beautiful!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Barb!!! These are all so beautiful!! I love the look of your nests and the way you add additional elements....they have that vintage feel that I love :) ~ Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! xxoo, Dawn