Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paper Crafting Wednesday

Paper Crafting Wed.
Many thanks to : /kellis house for hosting Paper Crating Wednesday!
Go over and check out all the fun treasures, then be sure to come back later for our giveaway drawing!!!

These are some cards i made from templates i purchased.
These are just laid out and not glued yet, so i could show you.)
FYI - I use glue stick or Glue Runner (fab find!!)
to put the papers on. Same for flat lace.
Sometimes use tacky glue, or fab glue, for more textured laces, or buttons etc.
This is a calendar page. I often use these for cards.
Choose a part of the drawing you want for the card.

Lay a template over it and trace, then cut and glue. Add dimensional acc.
( This one i might cut out a little bee from another part of the calendar, or glue a little bow on the pots, or some tiny greenery coming out oft he posts. If you get tooo dimensional, you can always frame instead of leaving it a card)
These are cards i made from Scrap booking paper, again adding ribbons. The dark edges are done by dry brushing with acrylic paint (which i have on hand because i teach painting) Ink would work well too.
This is another part of a calendar page. Hard to see, but i added sparkle glitter to ares to make them shiny.
The 'grass' is stings pulled from fabric to make Spring ribbon.
Oh, and don't forget to decorate your envelopes. Just a scalloped edge makes it a bit more fanciful.

Hope these were not a repeat, and that you enjoyed them and maybe got some ideas for your own treasures. (I am glad to expound on any of these things if you'd like)

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean


Chari said...

Hi Barb...

Just wanted to stop back by...I read all of the sweet notes that you left on several of my posts! So glad that you visited...and of course, you are always welcomed to come by any time, my friend!

Ohhh...I see the cute little card that you made with the same little bunny that I have on my plate! It's absolutely darling (along with all of the other cards that you them!) You asked about that plate...No, I didn't make it. I found that plate many years ago at Mervyns (I think...hehe!) It's a Debbie Mumm design, but then I'm sure you know that since you have her calender, etc. You also asked about all of the eggs (I assume that you were asking about the eggs that were in the apothecary jar?) they are the little pastel, speckled malted milk candy eggs! I loved the colors and thought they would be perfect with the little bunny!

Thanks again, for all of your sweet notes and thank you for the great tutorial on card making!

Warmest wishes,

ClassyChassy said...

Those look great! Nice job!

Tami said...

Cute bunny cards!!

Have a wonderful day!

Clare said...

Wow you are ver talented

Diane said...

Barb, they're all so sweet! I love that you made a little "flap" and "catch" with the lavender plaid!

Clare said...

what lovely designs your very talented.

Sister Robbins said...

Dear Barb,
Loved your post, especially the Debbie Mumm calender picture. I used to be in charge of the Debbie Mumm Club at a quilt store I worked at. Love those cute garden pictures.
Have a Lovely Day~

BECKY said...

Hi Barbara! Very pretty cards! The last group are my faves!! Very creative!! Thanks for sharing!!


Barb said...

Hi Alicia,
Never sure which blog to find you.

Let me know please.
Thanks for coming by. always nice to see you have come. =0)

Barbara Jean

Deborah said...

Ohhh! They are all so pretty! Thank you for giving instructions too! I'm going to have to see if any of our paper crafting stores carry a glue runner. It sounds great for tiny things!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

Wildflower Cabin said...

Very pretty! I love using calendar pages too...they have so much to offer! I love the look of the lace with the victorian prints in the top photos. Everything is lovely!

Kelli said...

Your cards are gorgeous! I love the sweet bunny and the lace is beautiful!