Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flaunt You Red Friday

This little vintage care bear is saying:

" Come see our red, then go on over to see Nancy at Southern Lady's and check out all the other wonderful red posts."

"OK. Now about me.
I am about 28 years old. I don't remember exactly when I was made, but the little girl i was made for is now 34, so that makes me pretty old! I've been sitting around in the back room of this house for a lot of years, and now the children of the little girl i was made for come and play with me.
I've really held up pretty well for all the lovin' I've had."


Yes, That is Care Bear. I made a red one for our daughter, and a blue one for our son, many years ago. It is one of those things I am so glad i hung on to for my grand kids. =0)

Here's the rest of our reds today.
How about an apple to keep the doctor away?
Or one for the teacher whose with your kids all day?
A pretty black shoe, and little red here and there,
And a Victorian necklace so the guys will all stare.
And here is a frame, to put anywhere.

Hope you have enjoyed my red today.

Barbara Jean

PS All these items but the Care Bear are from the store.
2" frames
bracelets by Marilyn- %15-17.50.
Drop me a line if interested in anything


Beth in NC said...

Awwww, what a sweet bear! And your red jewels are beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your red with us!

Anonymous said...

You are so poetic! Your creative brain never stops no matter what you are doing does it?!
Love that Care Bear. Do you still have the pattern for it? Would love to have Jessica try her hand at making one.

Is there any way you can set your blog so that your most recent article shows up when anyone opens your blog. Your "Barb's Treasures" blog is like that so I am sure you can set this one the same way.Or is there some reason that you don't want it that way?

Allidink said...

Aw what a sweet bear! That shoe is awesome! Love it :)

All the best,

Lisa Shatzer said...

The bear is so cute!

Barb said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your comments, and you are right, my creative brain never stops. It just slows down once in awhile and after a rest gets up and starts going full speed again. =0)

re post question: Usually the last post is what is on top.
The only time it does not do that is when you come from somewhere like the Flaunt your Red...or some other special post where i am hooked up to Mr Linky.
If you came from there and you scroll down past that post and comments, you should see "home".
If you click on that it will take you back to my regular blog posts.

Hope this helps and that i explained that right.
I know I had the same trouble till i found the 'home' button on someone elses blog.
I apologize for any frustration this might have caused you, and hope you will continue to come join in on the fun here. (at least till my brain needs a rest again.) =0)

Blessings and smiles,
Barbara Jean

PS I'm sure that Care Bear pattern bit the dust a long time ago, but I will take a look around in case. Soprry

ClassyChassy said...

Lovely Reds today - I love looking at your photos! cute bear - Held up awesomely well!

Nancy said...

Oh Barbra Jean, What a sweet bear and it's so great that you held on to! Love all the REDS and The shoe is adorable!
Thank you so much for Joining the FYR today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Nancy

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Happy FYR Friday! Love that sweet red bear and the apple jewelery? Why that is my fave!

bj said...

Hi, all your pretty reds..
hugs, bj