Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Fun Vintage Treasures
OK. Hope this isn't to risque for all of you,
but, it's another sweet coupon from my husband.
This, along with some other 'coupons' and treasures are stored in an old jewelry box, (under my bed!) =0)
This one was probably written over 25 years ago.
Colorado Lady (click here to check more out)
Thanks for hosting this great event!!

That's my first contribution to Vintage Thingie Thursday!!

And here are some more of mine.
This is an engraved silver spoon from my first son's birth.
And this, this is hand made necklace our other son made for me when he was in grade school. He is 39 now. Guess that makes this vintage too. I'm still trying to figure out just what is on it. A football and ?
This beautiful piece is by Scott's aunt, who used to travel world wide giving China painting lessons to the teachers! Now she is in Heaven, probably still teaching painting.
And this special treasure. Well, of course, a story.

Scott and I had known each other for 2 weeks, and drove down to Tijuana, and got married! (we were living in Southern California.)
At that time, we just stayed in the little town next to the border, and walked across.
(no long lines, no guards to speak of)
At the border they inquire why you are coming in. When we told them we wanted to get married, they escorted us to a a little cement building with a small room, no adornment or anything, and a guy came in to marry us.
He read off some things in Spanish, and at the end said, "and try to make it last as long as you can". We said 'we will' and that was that.
As a souvenir of our trip, we bought two lighters and had then engraved with the date.
(since at that time we both smoked, seemed like a very practical remembrance) =0)
Fortunately we gave up the smoking a few months into our marriage.

So, those are my vintage treasures for today.
A box of memories, from under our bed.

Thanks for letting me share.

Blessings on your day.
Barbara Jean


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Happy VTT.. and such a precious treasure you have here.. I love the story behind the lighters.. so special. thanks for sharing. have a great day!

Anonymous said...

lovely treasures & fav is the lighter :)

Allidink said...

This is such a cute post! hehe! I just love that bracelet! My great-grandma used to china paint and would "try" to teach me LOL. I was so silly though and too young and didn't take it as seriously as I should have! Bummer! But I still have her kiln and paints and someday I will put them to good use! I think it is so cute that you guys got married in Mexico and got the lighters! Very practical souvenirs at the time!

All the best,

Marie Reed said...

If that sweet coupon was written 25 years ago it sounds like it's time for hubby to heat up his hands and get too it! Wonderful post! Happy VTT:)

Elizabeth said...

Welcome to VTT! I love the story of your lighters, and the coupon is just so sweet!

Alicia Robbins said...

Hello Barb,
you are a wild and crazy woman (and a kindred spirit). I think I'll have to post sometime about meeting my DH. We too dated for 2 weeks before we knew we would be married, it took us a little longer to pull it off though. We've made it last for over 30 years now and are still going. I save those handwritten notes. I currently have one that he just wrote "I Love You!" on a post it note. I keep it in my scriptures, because God, Jesus Christ and my husband are the top 3 most important people in my life, I listen to them all.
By the way, I forgot to say before how much I love what you did with the wall outside your store!
Have a Lovely Day~

Robin said...

Oh, the coupon from your hubby is just precious! I have one from my kids that says "1 day of doing whatever you want done" that I have kept for years and treasure....although I never ever redeemed it!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

Thanks for sharing your stories, I enjoy reading them!

Your friend Sheri from the store

Sarah said...

Isn't it fun to get out that box and reminisce!!

ClassyChassy said...

Nice items - interesting story to go with them! Happy VTT to you!

Chari said...

Hello Barb...

Girl, I just adore the little coupons that your honey always makes for you...that's just the sweetest and most romantic thing ever!!! Just a few days back, I remember seeing another note/coupon that he gave you for painting lessons!!! I think the Lord has really blessed you with a dear, sweet man!!!

Enjoyed seeing all of your vintage items.

Have a terrific Thursday, my friend!

Chari said...

Hi Barb...

I sure have been enjoying our back and forth chats! Wanted to answer your question about what is a meme...a meme is simply the name that the bloggers give the special "Blue Monday", "Tablescape Thursday", "Vintage Thingie Thursday", etc. Hehe...when I first heard the word, I had no idea what they were talking about!

Well my friend, I hope that you will consider participating in "Sunday Favorites"...I will be putting a special post out about it on Saturday! If you would like to participate and need some instructions, etc....just click on my Sunday Favorites photo in the upper right hand corner of my blog! You have so many fabulous crafting projects to share...I hope that you'll consider it!!!


Stephanie said...

Wow great pieces and what a story! So Romantic - you two love birds! :)

Susan said...

I love your wedding story and the notes from hubby. I have a few notes from the early days too.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

I enjoyed seeing all your vintage treasures and enjoyed your story of how/where you married. My parents were married in TJ too!

Julie said...

You little note is so precious. Loved the story of the marriage ceremony....Have a wonderful Thursday..Julie

CC said...

I loved your post today. I think your coupon and story are just so sweet and romantic. Happy VTT..hope you have a lovely weekend.

Protector of Vintage said...

What a sweet husband you have!! I enjoyed browsing through your treasures!! Have a nice day!

Bea said...

What a sweet husband you have! Loved your post today.

Coloradolady said...

Welcome to VTT. What a wonderful post and I just love the story about the lighters. So sweet. Sounds like you have a keeper there! Have a great week.

plain*worker*primitives said...

HAHA! No better romantic words have ever been spoken than these.... "and try to make it last as long as you can"

Such a great post I loved it!! Love all your treasures too :)
Have a great weekend!

T Lee said...

My great, great, great aunt hand painted china. She traveled around the world in the late 1800's painting china wherever she was. We have a lot of pieces she painted as well as a whole family china for twelve that she painted. The bracelet is very Victorian looking and the lighter story is great!