Saturday, April 18, 2009

French Plate

Good morning friends!!

While the winners are choosing their prizes for the giveaway, I'll get some help from you all.

I attained this French Plate, and wondered if any of you can tell me about it.
(Anne, are you out there??) =0)

Maybe you can tell me what it says, and if it would have any value, other than just a pretty plate with French words.

I'm off to sales this morning to find more great treasures.

Have a wonderful day.

Barbara Jean

Thanks to all who have been trying to help. My friend Pam found it on the Internet. (numb brain here should have thought of that). =0)

Scarlet Scarlett in Crinoline - The Inaccessible Woman 1865 plate, is the 1st issue of 12 plates from the series Women of the Century or Les Femmes du Siecle by french artist Ganeau for D'Arceau Limoges. Series of plates depicts 100 years of Paris Fashion. Plate is in mint condition with box and certificate, $62 value.

Not sure what the value would be with out the certificate and box, but the plate is like new!
I'll check some more sites then let you know the price if you are interested.


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Barbara Jean...on my blog there is a link on the left for Friday French lessons. She used to be a French teacher. I'm sure she could at least tell you what is says. Hope you find out more about it, too.

Allidink said...

I asked my French friend in a text message what the back of the plate said and she claimed she didn't know and then didn't text me back LOL. Sorry I tried to find out for you! It's a cute plate though, the only part I can understand is that the front is Scarlet (something) the inaccessible woman. LOL On the back it's something something Scarlet O'Hara something something the ideal image of a woman. LOL I hope someone can help you!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Doesn't your daughter know French? Maybe you could ask her.I am sure she wouldn't mind after all of the help you give them.

Barb said...

Yes, my daughter does speak some French.

I did not think of her, nor did i think of just getting on the internet and checking on it myself.
(thanks Pam, for doing that).

Too many things going on right now. Brain in 'numb' state. =0)

Blessings all,
Barbara Jean

Anonymous said...

OK, the first photo is La femme inaccessible, the woman that is not reached, she is so far, so pure, perhaps so rich (and she is like Scarlett O'Hara-(scarlett=├ęcarlate-) very far because she does not belong to the real world (like Scarlett)..........she wears a "crinoline" a very large and beautiful dress from the second Empire( Napoleon III)sewn by Worth, the french and famous, dresser or tailor of the imperial court.
the second photo gives a number, because the collection was edited in not very large numbers; the plate is not from The 2° empire,1865, but from 1976 and;it represents a collection of historic dresses across the french fashions ; the french haute couture gave it agreement (inscription in the upper right side). The plate comes from Limoges, the capital of porcelaine (one hour from my house and town)This name of manufactory of porcelain does no longer exist (because of the chinese import, the french porcelain is competetited).I don't understand the logo "united nations "( perhaps the organization that orderes the collection?)
The porcelaine of Limoges is famous for its paintings -but sometimes, it's a little too much for my taste, your is delicate.
My daughter is here and if you need a very faithfull translation, I can do it. I have not translated literaly, but the most important.
Can you understand my explanations?

Barb said...

Thank you for taking the time to send an explanation., You did a great job explaining it. =0)

Enjoy the time with your daughter.


PS This plate is not my taste, I just got it in a box of other things. =0)