Wednesday, November 25, 2009

blogger help please

I am signed up to follow too many people and blogger says take some off.
I have my list, but cannot figure out how to delete. (and believe me i do not want to delete any!!)

thanks for help

barbara jean


added to original post

More info on problem.

When I tired to add another blog to my follow list, a note came on from blogger and said i had reached my limit of 300 follows.
But when i started to go delete some, it said i had a list of 603 blogs i follow.

I cannot find in the blog helps what the limit is.

so, those of you asking me what the limit is, i do not know.

I'm going to go visit some more blogs and sign up to follow and see what happens.



Rebecca said...

Oh GAG! This has happened to me before too. What is the limit anyway? This is CRAZY!

PICK someone ELSE to delete! Not me!


Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much food! Your legs are GREAT!


Neabear said...

How many is considered too many? I am probably close to that now.

To stop following a blog:

Go to your dashboard.
Click on Manage.
Find the blog you want to delete.
Click on Settings.
Then click on Stop Following and follow the directions there.

Hope that helps.



Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Barbara Jean, go to your dashboard under blogs I follow hit manage and you can delete from there...Hope this helps you girl...Hugs and sniles Gl♥ria

Sammy Girl said...

Sorry Barb ... I don't know how to "fix" that ...
Just wanted to drop by and say "hi". Family is in other room watching TV and I decided to take a short break and visit a few friends ...
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Hugs -
Betty :)

Chari said...

Hi Barb...

Ohh nooo...I have never heard of anyone having too many blogs to follow! Maybe it's just a "fluke". I think I would wait a day or two and see if Blogger has made some sort of mistake! My goodness...I follow many, many blogs...have lost count. I've never had Blogger say anything to me about it! Hmmm...hope that you can get it cleared up, my friend!

Barb, just wanted to come by to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you have a wonderful day!!! Enjoy!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Maybe it's just scare tactics! LOL. Who knows? I'm not too happy with with Mr. Blogger and I hear some others aren't either.
Well, let us know what you find out, but Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Rita said...

Hi Barbara, I may be able to help on deleting ....make sure in your profile you checked share my profile. Go on your dashboard, to your left scroll down to followers (add manage) click manage, click on settings on the right side of the blog you want to delete and click stop following this site. That should work, Happy Thanksgiving Ciao Rita mammabellarte