Monday, November 9, 2009

Setting up a Web Site

OK all my friends out there in blogger land.

I have had my web site name reserved for a year now,
(so I would have the same name as my blogs).

My daughter is learning to set up web sites for her job, and i get to be her guinea pig.

How do we even start?
Choose a host?
Who do you recommend?
(this will be my selling site but i will keep my 3 blogs).

It will just be simple, nothing over the top.

Need a banner and background (free would be nice).
Should i keep the same types my blogs?
Roses and soft colors?
(sometimes it's me, and sometimes not).
Whatever i choose, stick with it?
Or change it when the urge hits?

I know of several sites i love for how their 'store' is set up,
but do you think i can even remember who they are right now? no!

So send me some help now, but remember, you are talking to a rookie here.

Blessings and thanks

Barbara jean


Lynn Stevens said...

Gosh Barbara Jean
your guess is as good as mine. I know nothing about starting a web site. I wish you the best of luck with it, you may have to help me in the future. LOL
Thank you for stopping by my blog and good luck in my giveaway!
hugs Lynn

ClassyChassy said...

Good luck with that - I'm of no help in websites, but perhaps you can post as you learn to set yours up - so the rest of us can see how it is done!!!

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Barbara Jean.
Good luck on setting up your blog...if you need help with a banner let me know. I will do for it for free...what are friends for? Sharon