Saturday, March 28, 2009


OK, Here you go with pics of most of the bird nests, and pins i have finished.
There are more in the works. I will post them when i am done.

The pins are all approx. 1- 1 1/2". They have several coats of thin glue on them so they will hold up wearing them. All pins are $10 + $3.00 shipping. Breaks on shipping if you order more than one.
Some of the small sitting nests are also glued, and some just 'hang loose'.
These are the two blue pins i have done.

This is a nest in a box, now with bird!! I just found these two great birds and they were perfect for this nest and the following nest. Good birds are so hard to find. =0)
This is the copper,rusted and patina can I showed in an earlier post. Doesn't this bird just make it?
Both these pieces are $20.00, and approx size 8" wide. Shipping to be announced.
Below is the can before it was 'nested'.

Above is a little laying nest in a teaspoon. white nest, pink bird. Nest is about 1".
This is one of only two white nests i have done so far. It is also $10.00.
Two more pins.
These two little cuties are deceiving because they look big. They are only a total of about 3" long.
These are the same as the pins, $10.00
Big nests like these can also be made.
OOPS. Duplicate pic. =0)
All nests, and eggs are hand made by me.
God made the trees the limbs are off of.
Thank you God, for such beautiful trees. =0)

GREAT NEWS!!! A friend is coming over next week to get me set up with PayPal.
Then no waiting for weighing, checks in the mail etc.

Thank you Carolynne and Judy for your recent orders, and your patience. =0)

Blessings to all.

Barbara Jean


Anonymous said...

Barb, the copper patina pot is wonderful as a base for your nests! Those are SO hard to find! They are beautiful! I know you mentioned you might want to move on from nests and then rethought it! Good move! These are precious!

claudie said...

You look like you have a fab store. Such pretty items. Happy Blue Monday and I did look down to everything else you have ...Yeah pay pal.
Love Claudie