Monday, March 2, 2009

New Bird Nest

New Bird Nest

I've been having more fun with my bird nests!!

What do you think of this??
Can you figure out what it is on?

It is an old, tarnished, light base.
You know, the kind you screw up on your porch, and put one of those old glass shades on?
Well, I'm not describing it very well, but it is uniquely different and I love that when it comes to my bird nest homes. This is white enamel, with rust, and chipped paint, and is approx 5" across at the bottom, and abut a foot tall. (I actually am guessing as i forgot to measure it). =)

I love how a bird will build a nest just about anywhere!! =0)
And anywhere they land, they make my heart sing!!!

This is a one of a kind home for our feathered friends.

I am in the process of getting hooked up to Pay Pal. (I know I've been saying that for a week, but figuring out which plan to use and how to sign up is hard for me, especially when i have TAXES on my mind.) =0/

If you do not want to wait, mail me and we will figure something out.

Barbara Jean



Hi Barbara Jean,
Your new bird nest is great!! Have you just thought of selling on your blog, like this one you have the price listed and then you can take MO or checks and send the product after they clear the bank. I have boughten some things that way since I don't have a pay pal account.
Your Easter cards are also great. I have to get my brain working on ideas for Easter cards. I belong to a card swap and need to get going on that.

Bre said...

Wow - you're a busy blogger Barb !
I'd love to help you with paypal but I only know how to buy not sell LOL

Let me know if you find out.

I love the blue frame with the birdsnest and music background.

I agree that a little piece of jewelery would be good there...but it has to be just right .


Bre said...

Hi again Barb !

always great hearing from you too!

.....I will probably be starting the painting Thursday since my report cards are due Wednesday ...they take about three weeks and I am soooooo relieved when they are done . I can have a little bit of a life again.

Good luck with selling your little treasures !!

Talk soon,

Diane said...

What a perfect base! A good example of trash to treasure! And it looks almost like it was real birds who turned it into a real nest!

The American Homemaker said...

That is such a great nest!