Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cute Felted Critters

You just must see the cute little bunny in a 'bird cage' at

Laurie's Charming Designs.

Laurie gave me permission to make one similar for my bird nests.

I was thinking big, but just realized hers must be small for her bunnies.
Maybe I should try a "mini" cage, too. Oh, I'll try them both as soon as i figure it out!
(It's the figuring that takes time).

Anyway, hers is sold, but she tries to keep her felted little critters,
and cute pin cushions on hand. (they sell fast. I am still trying to get one).

Off shortly to a marriage seminar all day today and half of Sunday, so more great *pics when i have time.
* like a cute little cream nest with pink bird and eggs! =0))

Have a fun and blessed day, and thanks for being part of my little world.

Barbara Jean

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