Saturday, March 14, 2009

Birdie Home

"OK, what do you think she is up to?"
"Looks like piles of stuff that might make a good home for some of us."
"Which one of you laid that big egg??"
"Well, looks like one of us found a home anyway".
"She doesn't have to be so snooty about it."
"Oh, and look! Must be whole village here!"
"And look at that cute birdhouse tray."
"Yes, I hear one of her talented students painted it."
Yes, I'm still 'nesting' my little heart heart out.
Soon many of these birdies will have homes!
And there will be some more big nests, too.

See anything you are interested in?
email me for questions or to reserve your nest.
Have a special container you would like a nest in? I can do that too.

Blessings, and off i go to make more little birdie homes!!

Barbara Jean


The Charm House said...

It seems as if many of us are in a "nesting" mood!!!


Hi Barbara Jean,
Your little birdie homes are just so sweet:) You do such a nice job.
Hope you are having a great weekend.
Deb :)

nwalker said...

Hi Barbara,
I too love nests,eggs,and birds. I enjoyed your projects that you have done! Too Cute! I would love to make the dough eggs but I couldn't open it. Would you mind emailing me your recipe? I just went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and bought plastic eggs and their little nests. Now I would like to try making my own for my projects!

Anonymous said...

Awe I love it all. I have a few little pink birdies like these. I love pink and I love birds. What could be better?