Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Birdie Homes

"Well, we just saw the newest of new of the birdie homes Barbara Jean has been creating."
"I hear they are "drop dead gorgeous!!".

"We heard the same thing!"
"Well, here they are. What do you think?"
"WOW! These are great!!
(Hey. look! My sister got the best one of all."
"Wish i could have a nest on a silver teaspoon!"

They may all have a favorite, but i think each one i do is my favorite, till the next one anyway. =0)

I will post more pics in a few days when i finish up the ones i started.
These will all be available for a limited time only, as it is about time for me to move on to other treasures for the store.
Most pins and sitting nests are $8-10, with some 'special' ones at $12.00.
(These all range in size from 1- 2")


I just found yellow birds too, if anyone wants a really bright and beautiful Spring look.
I'll post the colors i have just one of each if you'd like more to choose from.

I am also still making large nests.


Barbara Jean

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Jann said...

Hi--I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway! Your profile says you live in Eugene--I lived there for many years, and all of my children were born there, at Sacred Heart. (They're all grown now, with babies of their own!) Oregon is such a beautiful, beautiful state! Smiles, Jann