Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vintage Thingie Thursday

Yes, this definitely looks vintage to me.
Remember the mushrooms everyone was painting years ago?
You are probably wondering where on earth i found them, and why did i buy them.
Well I didn't buy them, i actually got them from under my waterbed!
That is where i store things that i can't figure out what i want to do with.
These were some of my first works of art! I couldn't just throw them away.

Colorado Lady is hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday.
This is my first time, and other than a few frustrations loading my pics, I think it will be fun.
Don't miss out on others who are joining in.

Here is another of my first pieces. These and the mushrooms were done with acrylic paint, but in watercolor wash.
And how about this one? A bird nest!!! You all know how i love bird nests. Guess i did way back when too. It was done with oils. Sure would like to fix some of it now that i know how to paint better, but I'm sure there is some statute of limitations on redoing your work. =0)

This last one is a nature study, one done in pencil, and one in the sepia tone acrylic washes.
I am still out gathering bits of bark and nature's art for my work.

When i told my daughter about them, and mentioned they were dated 1979, and 1982, she said, "Mom, that's 30 years ago!" By golly, she is right. So, vintage art they are, and vintage art they will still be when i dig them out again in another few years. =0)
I mean really, what do you do with those first precious works of art?

(Oh, by the way, I do clean under my bed much more often than every 30 years! i just forget what is under there in the meantime.) =0)

Barbara Jean


Susan said...

Wow! What nice work you do. Welcome to VTT. It is fun and we meet such nice collectors and talented people like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sweet rewards for cleaning under the bed! Those are delightful; I like the nest.
I can just hear your child since mine has said the same, "geez, that's 30 years ago!" as though it were a lifetime ago...

bj said...

These are so your daughter would like to have them.
Thanks for sharing..

The Feathered Nest said...

How wonderful are these Barbara Jean?!! I love are so incredibly talented! xxoo, Dawn

ClassyChassy said...

Amusing post today - and very nice pictures! I like the little birdies, and the nest too! Very spring-time!

CarolynQuilts said...

Wow, you are very talented! I shudder to think what I have stored under my bed! Someday I'll get brave enough to look.

gin said...

yes I rememeber mushrooms were in!!
You work is very lovely. And such a sweet funny story.

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

How wonderful to have a talent such as painting. I can barely draw stick people and even when I do, they're lop sided, lol!

Miri said...

These are lovely! Welcome to VTT!

Coloradolady said...

Welcome to VTT. What fun to see your painting. I bet you are so glad you kept those. I would take them out from under the bed and display them somewhere, they are really nice.
Thanks for sharing with us today your treasures!

CC said...

Welcome to VTT..My goodness, what beautiful work you do. You're a very talented lady. Happy VTT and have a lovely weekend.

Roslyn said...

We used to have a waterbed but no way to get under it, probably just as well! I think it's fun to look at our early artistic endeavors & I think you could always add embellishment!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Barb! That's funny - 30 years of stuff under your bed? Just kidding!
I love the little baby birds with their huge beaks!

Bea said...

Who can forget the mushrooms of the 70's? Find some place to hang them! Don't hide them under your bed. You do good work.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I really like that bird's nest a lot. :)

T Lee said...

that is so funny...the 1982 one is my high school graduating year. Guess that makes me under the bed for me??LOL

Anonymous said...

What are they doing under the bed should be displaying them!! fav is the two little birdies :)