Tuesday, March 10, 2009


How about some sunshine this morning.
This is our newest granddaughter, baby Rowan. (almost 3 months)
She is the sweetest, happiest little girl. (her 2 big sisters and 1 big brother all agree!)

Doesn't that big smile just about knock your socks off?!!

(don't worry, they are not dressing her in little boy shirts, that is a little knit dress!!)

No hand-crafted bird nests can make you feel like that smile does!

Blessings on your day.

AKA Barbara Jean


Chrissy said...

SOOOOOOOOO SWEET BARB.... lovely wee thing she is...

Alicia said...

Well, a beautiful smile like that will just melt your heart and knock your socks off. She is adorable!

Candy said...

She is! a happy sweet little girlie.
What a joy.
Thanks for stopping by. I have been somewhat too busy to blog (like I like). But hoping things settle down a bit. Maybe I need to schedule 'do nothing day'
Blessings, Candy

ShabbyInTheCity said...

She really reminds me of my boys...in fact I knew her age before you told me. I remember that grin! She is a doll...I want to hold her! Nothing like that new skin, is it?
Thank you for stopping by on my birthday :)