Monday, March 9, 2009

Mini Bird Nest Tutorial


small peat pot (no larger than 2". I used 1 1/2")
acrylics paints:
cream paint for bird nest bottom
pink, (or whatever color you want your eggs)
small paint brush
dough art eggs - recipe HERE
cream fluffy sweater yarn (I just bought a sweater at a thrift store)
cheesecloth (I like tea stained)
utility knife
bird (I used 1" mushroom birds)
moss or trim of choice
pin back
glue gun
tacky glue (thinned half and half with water).
opt trim: feathers, pearls, or any other fun things you can imagine. =0)

Please read all directions before starting.

Here we go:

Cut 1/2 - 3/4" off bottom of peat pot. (save rest for later project)

Paint all edges, and inside with cream paint.
Let dry.
You could also paint the eggs pink or cream now, and then spatter with a darker color.

With hot glue, attach sweater yarn to outside.
(Did you notice my 'inside' is not painted?
I had to go back and paint it so any little spots where i did not get yarn did not show.)
"Oh. This will never do!!! You'll have to start again!"

My friend did not like the yarn outside, and suggested I use the cheesecloth instead.
So, of course, I did. I mean really, the bird would know best!

" OK. This is much better. Now you can fill it with that soft sweater yarn."
"This is great, but you left out some steps!"

"Sorry. The pics disappeared. Let me fill in the blanks."

I glued the cheesecloth around the edges and let some go over to the inside.
My friend did not like perfect. So we did it her way and I kind of bunched some of the cheesecloth up here and there, being careful not to make the nest tooo big.

After there was lots of filling, and i had painted and spattered the eggs, they were glued in.
I added a little lichen, glued my friend on with hot glue, and, Wa la!! Done!
"That's wonderful, but would you Puleeease put the pin back on with some hot glue so you can quit pinching my Head?"
"OK, good job, but how will you keep my nest from falling apart?"

"Thanks for reminding me."

This is where i use the thinned down Tacky or Elmer's glue. (this will harden and protect your nest so it will not get beat up when wearing it).

I put the thinned glue in a small squeeze bottle ( I actually used a glue bottle that was almost empty)

When it is dry, pin it on, and off you go!

(PS. For a sitting nest, it is all the same procedure, but put the bird on the top edge of the sitting nest.)

"Well, duh, like they couldn't figure that out by themselves."

"Oh, You're right, Sorry."

Blessings on your day, and have fun!!

Bird friend, and me =0))


Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing how you make your little nests Barb, and the eggs too, looks like a lot of fun :)

Suey@sullivan&murphy said...

Barb, thanks for the tutorial with added comments from the resident... I need to go out and get the little peat pots. You have a great blog and I will be back.
~ Sue

Alicia said...

Dear Barb,
That is such a darling little pin. Thanks for the tutorial.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Barb, thank you for this sweet tutorial. I have the supplies so I am off to try it!

vintage wil said...

Oh this is so lovely !!!!