Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Inspiring One Another and Tuesday Specials

I just love how blog land has made the world so small.
We have the opportunity to share and learn with people all over the world.
It is so rewarding for me to know some little thing I have learned or shared is an inspiration to someone else.

This new blog friend was inspired by one of my pieces, and is doing some new, lovely things from that idea.

Her name is Roseny Crisp, and here is some of her work, and a translation from her post.

OK try as i may i could not get her photos to load.
PLEASE take a minute and go see her lovely work.

Go Here to visit Roseny's Blog.

Now for our Tuesday Specials......

This old school desk will get it's second time
around being the display piece on my front porch area.

Here are 3 or more doorknobs...

and 3 or more windows

Here is something I made awhile back.
All you need is a candlestick, doily, stuffing,
and a piece of fabric to line the doily.
opt. buttons, ribbon trim for top.
This candle stick had a hole down the middle,
so I put a few buttons in for a little surprise.
Then I took the liner for the doily,
(always make sure the pins will insert easily into it)
cut about a 6" circle, stitched around the edges,
drew it in a bit and stuffed it.
Pull the thread tightly around to enclose the stuffing.
Glue this onto the top of he candlestick.
Drape doily over the top and glue down.
Now trim it up with whatever you would like.

I'm joining these special bloggers today.
Please swing by and check them out.
Lot of cool stuff going on!

Jackson 005

Thank you all for coming by.


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