Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thrilling Thursday Fun!!!

OK. She is not thrilling, but she is lovely, and she is old.
Yes, I did show her yesterday, but she is so beautiful,
I just had to share her again.
She is from Universal Statuary Corp. dated 1958.

And this is a box of goodies from last years garage sales!
We are cleaning the garage at the store for inventory.
I'll wait to go through this box, so you can share the fun with me.

Here is a sweet little treasure.
A pair of tiny, old, bronzed baby shoes.
My sweet fella got them at an estate sale.
Does he know me or what?
Of course they are going in the store.

I know that first photo is dark, but I think
if you click on this one you can see the tiny buckles on the side.
Aren't they wonderful?

Here is a little thrifty how to for you.

Need aged paper, but none on hand?
Try this.

Wad a piece of music paper into a tight ball,
then undo till sort of flat.

Use distressing ink, and stencil brush and lightly drag
over the high spots on the paper.
(You can fill in some lower spots too)
See how it makes it darker there?
(click to enlarge)

Now flatten the paper out more.
Cut a piece of cardboard the size you want.

Using glue stick, mod podge, or matte medium,
cover the cardboard on one side.
and lay it on top of the paper,
(Which has been cut a bit larger than the cardboard.)
Be careful to make sure it is on straight.
Cut the corners at an angle,
roll some glue down the edges and turn over to back.
(opt. cut another piece of paper the same size as the cardboard
(I use dictionary pages) to finish the back.
(sorry there are no pics of this step).

Turn it over, and embellish as desired.

Here is one of my finished projects.


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Low Tide High Style said...

Those baby shoes are so cute and thanks for the instructions on how to age paper, your project turned out beautifully!

Kat :)

Maureen said...

What a sweet hubby! I love those shoes and remember when they were all the rage!

Your sheet music project is fab too!

Cynthia K. said...

Hi! I loved seeing her again.

Thanks so much for sharing your little tutorial today - love it! And it is so generous of you to share. Bless your heart....

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Thats a great project and it looks very easy too. I would have not thought of doing it but I will now so thank you!

Happy VTT!

PlantSomeRoots@Lakewood said...

Thanks for sharing your pics and know how, Barbara Jean!!!
Cindy at Lakewood

Ann Creek said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. You have such wonderful item today. Love the little shoes. I am going to be making that covered piece with the music. I love it.

Betty said...

A very informative tutorial!

Thank you for dropping by to visit with me. I'm very honored.

We have much in common in caring about old things...they meant the world to someone and I try to be a good custodian as long as I have them.

Please come again....

Blessings...Betty @ Country Charm

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Always love sheet music....

Manang Kim said...

Those are so cute I like most is the first one. ^_^

VTT-Old Religious Memento

Charlotte said...

My mother had my baby shoes bronzed and mounted as a picture frame. She let me have them but unfortunely they were destroyed in a fire. I don't understand how anyone could part with their shoes.

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Adorable little shoes! Love the aged paper project too! Happy VTT!


Cindy Geilmann said...

My friend Barb. I've missed our visit's. I've been helping to move our shop. Wow, I never realized what a big thing it is.

Mr. Stitches and I are enjoying a little get away up in the mountains in Utah at a favorite inn. I brought my computer so I could catch up on my visits to my followers. I going to be having a drawing pretty soon. Just waiting for the 50th follower to apear.

come see me.

Coloradolady said...

So cute! and loved your instructions for aging paper, that is a neat thing to know how to do! Happy VTT!

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Barbara jean--thanks for linking up--great tutorial on aging paper. Oh, and those bronzed shoes are precious!

concretenprimroses said...

Great technique on aging paper.

Tara Beaulieu said...

Oh those baby shoes are so precious. Makes me want to dig out my boys' and have them bronzed so I can put them out on display! Thanks for sharing!

Tammy said...

Hi Barbara Jean,
I really like your lady with the harp ornament. She is lovely. The baby shoes are cool too. No one I know ever bronzes their kids' shoes anymore. I wonder why that is?

Denise Marie said...

love all the sheet music projects.

Lori said...

Love all of it. The shoes are just so cute.

Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me again next week for another great party.

Kim said...

Thanks for the distressing project ideas. Your artwork looks so vintage-y.

Debbie said...

You have some fun treasure in that box. And I love your project with the music paper, so pretty.

The Homemaker In High Heels said...

I love the little vignette with the baby shoes.So adorable!